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Apotek ETSE


No Contract Pest Control
in Henderson, Green Valley and Anthem

UP TO 3,000 SQ. FT.
• Bi-monthly $65 • Quarterly $109 Pest Control

UP TO 3,500 SQ. FT.
• Bi-monthly $70 • Quarterly $114 Pest Control

  • 35OO SQ. FT. and above, call for estimate please.
  • Monthly service recommended for scorpion control $40.00 (average size yard)

Initial inspection and service $99 includes: State-licensed pest control technician to provide deep inspection and detection inside/outside home; Black Widow, ant, roach and scorpion detection; irrigation box inspection, pest elimination and remove spiders and webs.

Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly are maintenance pest control programs.
No charges if we need to revisit on bi-monthly or quarterly pest control visits.
Call Dr. Death for infestation pest control services.

The Doctor Guarantee

The Dr. is in Monday-Friday 8 am – 4 pm and Saturday is on call! He can always find time to fit you in to his schedule. My customers always come first. We are sincerely concerned about your pest problems and understand that a potentially harmful insect problem for you may be an emergency and we treat it as such. If you find an insect in your home and your current pest control company is not willing to come out that same day to address the problem, then please hang up and call The Doctor!

We guarantee the quality of our work and your level of satisfaction.

Trevor Lavancher

Call to Schedule An Appointment

(702) 371-8494