4 of The Best Tricks To Trap A Scorpion

trap scorpion

Scorpions are one of the most prevalent pests throughout the Henderson area. While multiple scorpion species exist throughout the Southwest United States, you can identify almost all of them by their large stinger. Like most common pests, they seek food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately for humans, all three of these sanctuaries can be found in our own homes. Untouched areas, like attics or under sinks, offer ideal locations for scorpions to settle in. Once scorpions enter your home, it’s challenging to get them out. Trapping can provide an easy way to identify the specific scorpion breed you’re dealing with. It can also show a Dr. Death Pest Control expert how bad the infestation is. Certain traps may even act as preventative care! Read on to learn more about how to use our favorite scorpion traps. 

sticky trap

Sticky Trap

Those humble sticky traps are usually for rats and mice. Repurposing these affordable traps can also have you capturing scorpions within your own home. Buy a few sticky traps and place them in relatively untouched areas throughout your home, like under the fridge or in the closet. Be very careful not to place sticky traps where children or pets could reach them. Once the sticky traps are laid down, check them every few days. If you see a scorpion, contact Dr. Death Pest Control! A scorpion caught in a sticky trap means many closely behind. Addressing the infestation could prevent it from becoming a huge issue. 


Damp Burlap

Burlap is a natural fiber, and water is something scorpions regularly seek out. A damp burlap provides a moist environment shelter for scorpions. You can purchase burlap at a craft store and lay it out in areas you see or suspect scorpions. Scorpions will be happy to crawl inside or underneath the bag where it’s warm. After a few hours, you can pick up the bag and place it in a jar for your pest control expert to collect. This nontoxic trap works wonders for catching scorpions but isn’t great for getting rid of an entire infestation. Not all scorpions are drawn towards burlap!


Placing a repellent border around your yard acts both as a trap and preventative measure. This method is incredible when completed by a pest control professional, as they can ensure all hiding spots are appropriately addressed. With a repellent border, a nontoxic pesticide is sprayed around a specific area. The pesticide, available to pest control specialists like those at Dr. Death Pest Control, works to repel scorpions from your home. It is an excellent option for those who don’t necessarily have an infestation but still want to make sure scorpions stay away from their home. 

boric acid

Boric acid is a safe and affordable way to get rid of small amounts of scorpions. Dissolve boric acid in some water in a deep bowl. Scorpions near the bowl will fall in after heading towards the water. Once they’re inside, the scorpions will consume the poison along with the water. It helps trap scorpions but won’t necessarily solve an infestation. It’s important to remember that professional pest control can eradicate the issue for good, while most traps will only take out a few individual scorpions. If you suspect you’re dealing with an infestation, don’t hesitate to call your local Dr. Death Pest Control expert today! 

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