3 Pet-Friendly Bug Sprays

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Your family includes your pets, which means you want to keep them as free of pests as you are. Mosquitos, flies, and ticks are all common pests in the summer months. As you head outside, you may notice more and more of these swarming around your home and yard. Many over-the-counter bug sprays are perfectly safe for humans to use but harmful to pets. Read on to learn more about what bug sprays are pet-friendly and what to avoid! 

What Makes a Bug Spray Pet Friendly?

Many common bug sprays include DEET, which is a helpful repellent of human skin and furnishings but incredibly dangerous for animals. DEET and other effective pesticides can cause inflammation of the airways and skin, which means they’re best to keep away from Fido. Pet-friendly bug sprays are free of DEET and usually contain as few ingredients or pesticides as possible. Some can even be made with ingredients found in your home, negating the need to purchase anything at all! 

Our Top Pet-Friendly Bug Sprays


1. Badger Anti-Bug Repelent Shake & Spray

The Badger Anti-Bug Repellent is as easy to apply as sunscreen making it perfect for summer! As the name implies, this bug spray is in an aerosol can be spritzed over kids at play and furniture outside. It uses natural ingredients like citronella and wintergreen to repel bugs, but it won’t kill them. The raw ingredients in this bug spray aren’t quite as effective as the chemical option, but it’s an excellent choice for young children and pets. 


2. MDXConcepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray 

This spray, found on Amazon, is a great affordable option for families looking to keep bugs away from their homes safely. MDXConcepts prides themselves on never using chemical pesticides or DEET in their product. While their formula is a secret, all ingredients are organic and natural. They’ve been tested and proven to keep pets safe while keeping bugs away. That’s a win-win for the team at Dr. Death Pest Control! 


3. Wondercide Lemongrass Natural Flea & Tick Spray

Wondercide Lemongrass Natural Flea & Tick Spray makes our list of pet-friendly bug sprays as the interim between DIY natural bug sprays and over-the-counter products. As the name implies, this lemongrass-based formula is specifically designed to keep pets free of fleas and ticks. The summertime pests are picked up outside and carried around on your pet’s back, causing them pain and discomfort. Spray the lemongrass spray on the lawn to reduce the number of fleas and ticks, which will help your pet enjoy the summertime right alongside your family! 

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