5 Signs of A Scorpion Infestation

scorpions and their babies

Unlike humans, who want to go outside during the warmer months, scorpions want to head inside. Spring and summer are the hot seasons for scorpions to make an appearance, and their appearance isn’t exactly welcome to Henderson residents. Scorpions are widespread in the desert landscaping, but just because they’re in the neighborhood doesn’t mean you need to let them infest your home! Keep your eyes peeled for these five signs of a scorpion infestation.

You’ve Seen Multiple Smaller Bugs.

Scorpions go where they can feed on food. Their primary food source is minor bugs like ants, cockroaches, flies, and beetles. They’re happy to follow the smell of food, which unfortunately may be to your home. Once they’ve settled in, scorpions are hard to get out. Avoid an infestation by keeping your eyes open for a plethora of other, more minor bugs appearing nearby.

scorpion hiding

You Have Citrus Trees or Plants

The bark scorpion, one of the most common types of scorpions, is often found near citrus plants. While scorpions are generally associated with desert climates, the bark scorpion thrives in dark, moist environments. Citrus trees provide the perfect hide for them to settle in. If you have citrus trees in your backyard, you may be unknowingly housing a scorpion infestation.

You’re In A Recently Built Development

Housing in Henderson is increasing, with new developments popping up on the outskirts every year. As we build homes further into the desert, we disrupt the natural environment of scorpions. They usually stay in the same spot instead of relocating, and that spot might be the inside of your home.

Scorpion family

You Offer Shady Refuge

Those expensive trees in your backyard might be aesthetically pleasing, but they could also be harboring dangerous insects like scorpions. Like many other bugs, scorpions seek refuge from the harsh Nevada sun during summer months by retreating to shade. If your yard offers a lot of shade, they’re likely to invade it. To avoid this, trim trees and keep landscaping trim. Have your pest control expert regularly inspect foliage for signs of an infestation.

You’ve Spotted a Scorpion.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Scorpions aren’t insects that thrive on solidarity. If you see a single scorpion, there’s likely a family of them hiding nearby. It’s essential to contact a pest control professional if you spot even one scorpion so that they can investigate and assess the infestation appropriately. You can get rid of one scorpion yourself, but treating an infestation is a whole different ball game!

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