Bee and Wasp

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Are Swarming

What to do when you see Bees, Hornets and Wasps Swarming? You need them professionally removed.

Bee and Wasp Pest Control ServiceWho needs bees? People need them, but we don’t need aggressive behavior from bees, wasps, hornets or yellow jackets swarming near your family and pets! That is when you call Dr. Death!

Do you have bees in your yard?

These mighty critters love to fly around pollinating our plants and flowers. Bees, in particular, are an essential part of our ecosystem. Seeing them buzz around the garden going from flower to flower is a lovely sight when it is just a bee or two.

But who remembers the scary movies about the Africanized honeybee or “Killer bees?” It’s a whole different story when you see bees, wasps, Yellow Jackets, and hornets in mass. That scare will ruin your day. These little pests become a nuisance and for many people. Did you know, a simple honeybee colony can contain up to eighty thousand bees? It is necessary to have them removed by a professional.

Bee Removal

Bees can be deadly. If you have never been stung, you may be allergic and not even know it until it’s too late. Warmer weather brings out these flying pests, so that is when you want the professional exterminators from Dr. Death to help. Call now!


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