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Beetle Pest Control in Henderson, NV Pests in your pantry cost you money and can lead to illnesses. No one wants ants, earwigs, or silverfish in their dry goods. Even beetles can make their way into your home looking for food and shelter.

There are dozens of beetle species in Nevada. Some want to live inside your home and some outside. Even the lowly Stink bug likes to come in your home when it starts to get cold outside. You know them by their black color, and when they raise their rear end, you are about to smell them – as their only defense is a bad odor. But you may not know that the green stink bug is the most common in Southern Nevada.

Inside your home, a scavenger known as the Carpet beetle lives. They’re often found munching on (you guessed it) carpet, rugs, furniture made of leather and fur, old books, and other fabrics. Often the bug’s larvae can be the most destructive time of the pest’s lifespan.

Borers are those odd-looking beetles you see on occasion in your yard. The flying insects are brown, black or sometimes reddish-brown with long antennae and often a “collar” around their necks. Adult beetles come out at dusk in the summer to lay eggs. Most feed on dead trees and live tree roots. The damage done to your trees can go on for years before you know it if left unchecked.

Dr. Death can help you identify if you have a beetle problem and eliminate them before they do more damage. Make an appointment today for an inspection.


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