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Coronavirus: Message to Our Customers

During this uncertain time, our customers’ health and wellbeing is our highest priority. As we continue monitoring developments related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), rest assured, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our customers and employees are safe. We are taking the following precautions regarding our services: Suspending all interior services/treatments unless absolutely …

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Scorpion Control Outside of a home

Scorpion Control: 5 Tips to Keep Them Out of Your Home

A creature with a long tail which whips you with a pointy, potentially venomous tail? It may sound like a nightmare but it’s very real to many homeowners in the Las Vegas valley. Scorpions’ natural habitat, the desert, has been built upon and they have nowhere to go but invade those developments. Unfortunately, those developments …

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bug pest control service

Stink Bugs

Pew! Stink Bugs really do stink! They produce a smelly chemical in their stomachs and emit the stench when they feel threatened. It’s a great defense mechanism because they can actually spray the chemical up to several inches. Mating for these bugs begin in early spring. Stink bugs are more common in June & July, …

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