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Bee and wasp removal is a tricky business. They can be dangerous and unpleasant pests whose stingers pack a punch. They do not discriminate from homeowners or businesses, making life a pain. Nobody wants these critters buzzing around. As Henderson exterminators, we understand the fear and frustration these unwanted guests bring. Learn where stinging insects show up and what you can do about bee and wasp removal in Henderson and Las Vegas.

How to Keep Bees and Wasps Away: Sometimes You Can’t

Basic upkeep in the yard will deter the worst of nesting stingers. Prevention is fundamental when it comes to wasps and bees. Here is a blog all about keeping bees and wasps away.

However, we are here to talk about the already existing trespassers. Bees and wasps build nests inside the walls of buildings or other accessible nooks and crannies near food sources. Wasps can sometimes dig nests in the very ground, too. When you locate an out-of-control nest, reach out to a professional.

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Types of Nests

Bees and wasps come in dozens of species, all of which have unique nesting habits. Some bees, like carpenter bees, are even solitary. Still, there are a few major categories of nests:

Exposed Nests: These wasp nests hang from horizontal surfaces. You might see them hanging from a house’s eaves or tree branches. They are among the easiest to treat.

Ground Nests: Yellowjackets and other wasps invade old rodent burrows. They enter through holes in the ground and tunnel in preexisting hollow spaces. These wasps are aggressive.

Hidden Nests: Found inside buildings, bees (and sometimes wasps) make a home inside places like walls, shingles, attics, and spaces under stairs. These are some of the toughest to remove. When homeowners realize the stinging invaders have built a hidden nest, they’re often incredibly expansive and intricate. 

Why Bees Require a Professional

Bees are different from wasps. With a wasps’ nest, the goal is usually to exterminate. The exterminator kills all the wasps, poisons the nest, and removes it. With bees, the goal is entirely different.

We must protect bees. If you find a bee colony, do not remove it on your own. Because of the important role bees play in pollination, protecting a nest is vital. Disturbing a nest can cause disorder that could lead to the eventual extinction of the colony in its entirety. Only experienced professionals should remove bees for the safety of both the homeowner and the bees.


Why You Should Always Call the Pros

Even if it’s not a bees’ nest, you should always call in the professionals. When agitated, wasps and hornets get highly aggressive, and if you’re allergic, a single sting can be deadly. Allergies aside, large colonies present risks that are not worth approaching. Professional bee and wasp removal protects you, your property, and stops future colonies from rebuilding. To vacate your home invaders, contact Dr. Death Pest Control today!

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