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Who doesn't love Jiminy Cricket!

Cricket Pest ControlSome people don’t think of crickets as pests. That is until their constant chirping keeps them awake at night. They are a nuisance indeed. They eat everything they can, chewing on your wallpaper, clothing, fabrics, and even your houseplants. They do cause damage and they love to come into the safe environment that our homes offer. They find their way in, and they can go unnoticed until they start chirping, interrupting the peace and quiet that you deserve. 

More disturbing than that, is the fact that these bugs are a favorite food for scorpions. If you have a cricket infestation, you may actually be attracting SCORPIONS inside your home. Neither pest is acceptable for your family, and it is important to get rid of crickets from your home. Call us at (702) 371-8494 today or contact us here to schedule an appointment.


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