How to Make Homemade Bug Repellent

How to Make Homemade Bug Repellent

It’s safe to say just about everyone wants to live their life without being surrounded by bugs, but the harsh chemicals often associated with bug repellent? Many could do without those. Natural bug repellents are a hot commodity on the shelves these days, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to be critter-free. You can make an effective homemade bug repellent using ingredients you likely already have in your home. Here’s how!

lavender oil

Effective Bug Spray Using Essential Oils

Whether or not you believe in essential oils for their healing properties, you have to admit they’re great for repelling bugs. Common essential oils such as lavender, citronella, lemon, or eucalyptus all naturally repel bugs. They don’t like the smell! Even peppermint oil, which smells amazing to most humans, is abhorrent to bugs. Since essential oils are corrosive to human skin when applied directly, it’s best to dilute them. The best mixture for bug repellent seems to be 10 to 20 drops of your preferred essential oil, diluted in two ounces each of distilled water and white vinegar. Shake that up vigorously in a spray bottle and apply anywhere you need protection from critters.

Onions and lemons

Garlic and Lemon Juice Are Good for More Than Just Flavors

Italian cooking frequently relies on garlic and lemon juice to lend bright, bold flavors, and your bug spray does the same! The taste and smell of garlic or lemon juice can be pleasant, but bugs don’t react well to it. Most bugs are offended by the scent of allicin, a component found in garlic. The acidity and odor of lemon juice serve as an unpleasant boundary no bug wants to walk across. The best remedy is to soak a few peeled cloves of raw garlic in mineral oil, unscented baby oil, for a day or two, then strain the oil of garlic and add in the juice of two to three lemons. Shake well and apply it anywhere you fear bugs will come in. Be careful not to put this bug repellent on the floor because pets could eat it and have a poor reaction to the garlic, or you could slip in the oil.

Citronella oil

Citronella Candles Made at Home

Candles are remarkably easy to make at home. All you’ll need is some soy wax, which is available through a local craft supply shop, a string of wick, a glass jar, and some citronella for the repelling properties. Melt the wax over low heat on the stove until completely liquid and stir in 20 – 30 drops of essential oil. Place the glass jar on a non-slip surface and lower the wick down until it’s as straight as possible. Holding the wick in place, pour the scented wax down into your jar. Wait until it’s completely cooled and solidified before trimming the wax. You can now use this candle inside or outside to repel bugs within an immediate radius!

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