Henderson Rodent Control: Rats and Mice

Henderson and Las Vegas have a problem with rodents. If you live here, chance are - you do too.

Anthem Bug ControlYou may have noticed scurrying sounds or chewing and scratching in your ceiling. Maybe you have observed small, dark, rice-shaped droppings left near the base of your walls. These are signs of a damaging rodent infestation in your home.

Both mice and rats can cause extensive damage when they move in. This rodent invasion is particularly disturbing when you do not know which species you are dealing with.

How Can You Tell a Mouse from a Rat?

Mice are smaller in size. You are more likely to see them scurry across your kitchen floor. They are excellent climbers, and because of their small size and they fit into the tiniest of holes. Bolder than rats, mice are more likely to explore and be curious. However, mice will avoid contact with humans and will run away if possible.

The larger of the two – rats – are much more cautious than the curious mouse. Rats will take a longer time to check out new things. This hesitation makes trapping more difficult. Rats do climb but prefer lower levels, such as basements and cellars (Norway rats). Of course, there is the exception in the Las Vegas Valley with the prevalence of the Roof Rat, thought to have been imported in palm trees.

These little beauties love to go high. Roof Rats will chew the wiring in your attic and drag food and nesting materials into your roof. Roof rats can show aggression when threatened, and in self-defense, they might bite or chase.

Mice or Rats – Which Causes More Damage?

Either rodent in your home means potentially significant damage is happening. Your food pantry may become a target for mice to invade. Droppings can damage your home. Both rats and mice will gnaw on wires and wood in your home, leading to possible fire hazards. And rodents are carriers of parasites and disease. It is urgent to eliminate rodents to have a healthy home for your family. Dr. Death is ready to tackle your rodent infestation. Schedule an appointment now.


Dr. Death Pest Control has been certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) in rodent standards. This means we are up to date on the latest in safety standards, procedures and techniques to properly asses and safely control rodents.


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