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Scorpion RemovalPeople always ask; what is the best way to get rid of scorpions? Known by their hideous appearance, scorpions are one of Dr. Death’s favorite pests to treat. Few pests cause panic like finding one of these nasties in your home or place of business. Because instinctively we know, when it comes to unwanted pests, seeing one means many more we don’t see! Scorpions often have 30 or more babies at a time. If they are in your home, that is an infestation. Yuck!


Scorpions are very common in the Southwestern United States. As arachnids, they are a close relative of spiders. With approximately 1,300 species of scorpions worldwide, there are only a couple found in the Las Vegas Valley. Their elongated body, segmented tail – with its venomous stinger – and creepy front claws, are easy to recognize. Most of the scorpions that enter our dwellings have a sting that is similar to bees or wasps. But it’s usually better to assume that their venom is dangerous. If you are allergic, it can cause severe health problems.  


Unfortunately, Nevada has become a center of scorpion infestations. These are extremely common. No one wants to get stung, and property owners want to have this pest removed for good. Controlling an infestation or preventing one from the start requires expertise and experience in residential pest removal from a professional like Dr. Death.


The need for expert pest control in our Las Vegas Valley is very real. When you realize you need professional help, call Dr. Death to answer any questions you may have. 


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