3 Signs That a Bug is Dead

Signs That a Bug is Dead

“Bug Season” usually occurs in the spring and autumn. These are the seasons when bugs either awaken from seasonal hibernation or seek warm shelter for the winter months. It’s not uncommon to see insects, arachnids, or other bugs in your home, however it’s important to know how to identify dead bugs. Learn how to spot dead bugs, where to find them, and what this may mean.

Can a Bug Play Dead?

Not all bugs play dead, but many do. Bugs such as robber flies, weevils, ladybugs, and so forth are all capable of playing dead. Many do this to avoid danger, such as being eaten by predators. On the other hand, creatures like bed bugs don’t play dead but lie very still after eating, which can have the same visual effect.

I Saw a Bug on Its Back

Generally, a bug on its back means it’s probably dead. Bugs play dead by going rigid, stiff, and remaining perfectly still. Laying on their back, however, can be an actual death sentence. Most bugs will instinctively try to flip themselves back over, which usually requires them to use their legs to resituate themselves. If they continue to lay on their back, they can dry out and die.

Some signs that a bug is probably dead include:

1.         Being on its back

2.         Curled up

3.         Shriveled or dried up

In addition, some bugs are photophobic. This means that if you shine a light on them, they may betray their state by instinctively moving. They also tend to scurry away from threats when disturbed.

What Does It Mean to See a Dead Bug?

If you come across a single dead bug, there are two possibilities. First, it could mean exactly what it seems — a dead bug. Second, it could be an indicator that there are more bugs around. If you see multiple bugs in one spot, it could very well mean that you have an infestation somewhere. Bugs tend to move in groups, so it’s often a reasonable assumption that where there’s one, there are more. The one bug you found could simply be a scout looking for food to draw its companions, so it’s a good idea to take precautions.

Common Places to Find Dead Bugs

Carefully inspect the area you found the bug to determine if there are signs of others. Signals can vary based on the bug. For example, carpenter ants and termites may leave little piles of sawdust near the wood they infest. Look for more bugs in damp and dark areas, in and around cracks, and behind furniture.

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