4 Easy Rodent Control Tips

A las vegas pest control expert giving home owner rodent tips

The greater Las Vegas Valley has a bigger rodent problem than they realize. Rodents are a fact of life in Las Vegas, but many people fail to take it seriously until it’s too late. Mice and rats look at unsuspecting human homes as the ideal spot for them to settle down. With a seemingly endless supply of food, water, and shelter they feel secure inside your home. Before you know it, you’re left sharing space with quite a few intruders who aren’t paying any rent. Proper rodent control is important to prevent this! The good news is reducing rodent activity is relatively easy with a few simple steps. Follow our four easy rodent control tips for a critter-free home.

1. Don’t Leave Food Outside the Home

All rodents are after the same thing: food. What first entices them to move in with you is what’s outside the home. Think of a mouse moving down the street, browsing for a new spot to call home; is that mouse going to go for the home with food scraps in a trash can and dog food in a bowl? Absolutely! Both of those are things Las Vegas rodents seek out in their journey from home to home. Both are also easily preventable! When you throw out food make sure it’s in a secure trash container and not a flimsy bag. Uneaten pet food should be cleaned up once Fido is done with his bowl. Never store food outside – the smell is a beacon to rodents!

2. Clean Up Nesting Spots in the Yard

Hiding spots can be trickier to tackle than food, but still nothing you can’t handle. Food is the first thing that lures rodents in but a safe place to stay is what keeps them around. To prevent them from moving in regularly move around toys, woodpiles, or any other debris you may have in the yard. Rodent control is managed more easily if you don’t let them move in in the first place, and rodents won’t move into a home they don’t feel secure in.

3. Seal Small Openings Around the Home

Did you know certain rodents can wiggle into an opening as small as ¼ inch? This makes areas such as door frames, poorly sealed windows, and separating foundations particularly at risk for rodent invasions. An easy way to control a rodent invasion is to seal off any openings. Commercial sealants are available at big box stores and will dry quickly in the Las Vegas weather. These should be applied anywhere you see a quarter inch opening to prevent mice and rats from coming in.

4. The Best Rodent Control is Normal Housekeeping

Many homeowners rush out and purchase traps, bait, and pesticides at the first squeak of a mouse. This isn’t always necessary; the best rodent control method for your home is a normal housekeeping routine. Just as within your yard, a mouse won’t feel safe if it feels like you’re constantly on the verge of sweeping out its hideout. Regular, routine cleaning measures are the best way to ensure rodents stay away. Often the simplest solution is the best! If you do continue to see rodent activity, don’t be shy about calling in an expert. We’re always here to help! For assistance with your pest control problem contact Dr. Death Pest Control!

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