Common Pests Found in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas may be a desert but that doesn’t mean certain forms of wildlife don’t flourish. Rats, scorpions, and cockroaches are all happy to share a zipcode with you in the Valley. Knowing which pests are likely to intrude on your home is important. No one wants to live with uninvited critters, especially if they’re dangerous! If you don’t know what the problem is, how do you expect to treat it? Read on to find out what common Las Vegas pests could be bugging you!

Stinging Scorpions Pose a Real Threat in Las Vegas

Scorpion infestations are a scary reality for Las Vegas homeowners. This common Las Vegas pest is prevalent in homes on the outskirts of town. When developers clear desert land to build homes they disrupt the natural environment of the scorpion. Instead of fleeing the area, the bugs instead choose to just move in with you. They have up to 30 babies at a time, allowing them to easily infest your home within weeks. If you see one scorpion, chances are their family isn’t too far away. They prefer dark, undisturbed environments such as under your bed or in the recesses of your closet. Running into a scorpion can be frightening: their stingers pack a venomous punch that can land you in the hospital. While no one’s died from a scorpion sting in Las Vegas to date, it’s better to avoid any altercation with them if possible. Don’t panic if you see a scorpion? Give us a call! We’ll take care of the infestation for you.

A Real-Life Las Vegas Rat Race

Rats are a more common pest in Las Vegas than many people realize. Roof rats (medium, high-flying rats) came to the Valley on the tops of imported palm trees and Norway (large, ground-based) rats trucked in with settlers. They quickly understood there’s a lot of food in locals’ pantries and decided to share the space with unwitting homeowners. The easiest way to avoid mistaking a rat for the slightly-less-spooky mouse is to look at their size. Rats are much larger than mice. Rats aren’t picky about their living conditions and will get comfortable inside or outside the home. If they manage to come inside, expect them to chew through anything they come in contact with. Wires, cords, and insulation all fall prey to a rat’s chomper. This can cause a serious risk of electrical fires or structural damage, so it’s best to handle an infestation as soon as you suspect one. Besides being unwelcome guests, rats carry a litany of diseases. A single bite can put your family’s health at stake.

Big Bacteria Carrier: The Common Cockroach

It would be fair to say one of the most prevalent pests in Las Vegas is the cockroach. Be it the shiny black ‘Oriental’, the light brown ‘German’, or the larger-than-life ‘American’ cockroach, any infestation is a bad one. Cockroaches seek out dark, damp areas that provide shelter, food, and water. They may hide in appliances, under sinks, or in the walls. They’re not only disgusting to look at, but can be dangerous. Cockroaches can carry deadly bacteria such as salmonella or e.coli. Their fecal matter left on every surface indiscriminately has been known to cause asthma-like symptoms in unwitting victims of all ages. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they settle in, so if you see one don’t hesitate to contact your trusted pest control agency!

Ants, Ants, and More Ants: The Most Common Las Vegas Pest

In a way, it’s hard to not be impressed by ants. The humble worker ant’s life is part of a well-oiled machine. A queen runs a colony of several million ants, sending out each worker on an organized mission to bring back food and water. She has the babies, settles new colonies, and tells the workers where to go. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t work too well with your plans for having a critter-free home. Once ants come into your home (and they will, through even the tiniest crack) you’ll find they’re not willing to leave. Spraying ants with an over-the-counter pesticide such as RAID! makes the problem worse. Ants breed quickly and, through a process called ‘budding’ when they feel threatened, can break their colony up into multiple colonies. This means you have more than one hub to destroy in the quest to rid your home of this common Las Vegas pest. Finding and eradicating the colony is the only way to get ants gone for good. A pest control specialist can take care of them quickly and efficiently! For more common pests and other related pest tips please contact Dr. Death Pest Control.

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