Don’t Let Ants Take Over Your Home

Black ants

Have ants invaded your Las Vegas home? If so, you are not alone. This blog gives you all information on why you have seen more bugs in your house and what you can do to control and eliminate them.

Have You Experienced More Ants and Bugs?

Pests are driven into your house by three main causes: food, moisture, and shelter. The easier they access these needs, the more likely their infestation is to take place.

Letting the Ants Feel at home

Ant infestations in Las Vegas can happen any time. They will invade your house when the weather begins to become cool. Although the bugs do not cause great harm to your family, their unpleasant creepy crawly behavior is unacceptable. They are searching for food. By having gaps in the surfaces of your house, the bugs get easy access into the home. Consequently, it is necessary that you check around the house and seal the unnecessary cracks and openings to block the ant invasion.

Having an Untidy Kitchen

As stated above, food is a critical driver for pest invasions. By leaving unsealed leftovers in your kitchen, you invite pests in search of food to your house. Invest in hard plastic containers to help you keep food safely contained without any risk of attracting ants. Address sticky, sugary spills and food messes right away. You may want to make sure that the household garbage cans are sealed and frequently emptied and cleaned.

Dampness in Your House

Damp places expose your house to a greater likelihood of pest infestation, making it more prone to ants. You must identify the source of this dampness and fix the issue to remove the moisture. As with other living things, pests require water to survive, and therefore by allowing unchecked moisture in your house, you attract ants and other pests to your home.

Indoor plants in Your House

Houseplants are lovely, provide fresh oxygen and make our décor more comfortable. These plants also provide a conducive and favorable environment for pests. You don’t have to get rid of your houseplants to prevent an infestation caused by them. Keep indoor plants pest-free by reducing the moisture content in their soil, using traps, and using a spray bottle with water and dish soap. Spray lightly around the base of the plant to keep them at bay.

Clutter in your house

The presence of clutter in your house greatly increases the risk of many pest infestations in your dwelling. Clutter in your house provides a perfect hideaway for bugs, whether ants, silverfish, spiders or even scorpions. Take time to organize your things and get rid of clutter before an infestation happens.

Tree branches hanging over house roofs

Tree branches that hang near your roof also expose your house to the likelihood of a pest infestation. This is due to bugs of all sorts (and even rats) having access to the roof of your house. To prevent this, proper tree-trimming to eliminate branches hanging over the roof is essential.
It is normal to see an occasional ant trail or other pest invasion in your household. Swift action will take care of the problem. That’s why we recommend the best way is to prevent them in the first place is with professional pest control monthly service.

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