How to Keep Your House Free From Pests in Winter

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As the days get shorter and colder, it’s natural to want to snuggle up inside. However, pests such as spiders, mice and scorpions can find their way into your home by accident or on purpose. Keep them outside where they belong by following these steps:

Trim trees and shrubs near your home.

One of the best ways to keep pests away from your home is to make sure that you have trimmed and maintained all trees and shrubs around your house. The first thing you should do is trim back any branches that come too close to your roof, windows, or doors.

Next, you will want to make sure there are no dead or broken branches hanging over the roof of your home. In addition, trim any branches that touch the foundation of your house so pests cannot get inside through cracks in their branches.

Finally, keep trees and shrubs at least 4 feet away from the foundation of your home as well as 10 feet away from an exterior wall (this is because many pest species like mice can squeeze through very small spaces).

Check Your Home’s Exterior

Make sure that the exterior of your home is free from damage. Check for broken doors and windows, ripped screens or cracks in the foundation. If you find any damage, fix it and make sure that all areas are secure.

  • Repair any damaged areas on the exterior of your home such as broken windows, doors or torn screens.
  • Make sure that all doors and windows are secure so no pests can get inside through them. Check around areas where pipes come out of walls to see if there are any cracks or holes which could allow pests access to your home’s interior as well as a way for them to escape (such as when they realize they’re not welcome). Repair these immediately!

Talk to your pest control company about protecting your yard from the type of pests specific to Henderson.

If you’re worried about pests in your yard, call your favorite Henderson pest control company and ask them for help. They can come out and look at your property, determine which type of insects are causing the problem, and then take care of the issue.

If you see any signs of pests in or around your home—like ants crawling on the sidewalk, or mice droppings on the porch—call them immediately! The sooner they can get out there to treat your yard with pesticides or traps (depending on what kind of pests are around), the better chance it has at being completely free from these little critters forever. Your pest control company will also be able to tell you what to do differently next time so that you don’t have another infestation problem down the line.

You can keep pests outside where they belong by using good sense and secure building practices.

Even though you can’t see them, pests are still around during the winter months. To keep your house free from pests in winter, it’s important to know where they come from and how you can prevent them from getting inside.

These insects and animals like to find shelter in warm places with plenty of food available for them to eat. You should make sure that your home is secure by making sure all windows are closed tightly and caulked properly so no bugs can get inside through cracks or other small openings like electrical sockets or around pipes near the foundation of your home. You should also make sure trash isn’t left open so rodents cannot hide in it while looking for food scraps; if possible store trash outdoors until garbage day comes around each week so there aren’t any smells attracting unwanted guests into your living space!

The yard should be kept clean – this includes removing fallen leaves that could provide shelter for insects looking for somewhere warm during cold weather days ahead! If there are trees around then remove any dead branches falling down onto lawn areas below because these provide great hiding spots too! It may be helpful if someone helps rake up weeds growing tall along sidewalks as well…but don’t forget about those pesky little ones hiding underneath large rocks either!!


If you’re still having trouble with pests in your home, contact Dr. Death Pest Control for more information about their services. They can help you get rid of unwanted pests once and for all!

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