Nevada Outdoors Tips: 4 Bugs to Watch Out For

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Living in the desert is no joke! Only the hardiest of bugs, critters, and creatures can make it through the harsh summer temperatures, low water levels, and quickly changing seasons. Any bug that can stay alive outside is probably one you don’t want to run into! As the Henderson area continues to be developed, more and more unpleasant pests are making it into our daily lives. Don’t pack your bags and run for the hills just yet! Our pest control experts have put together our top tips on which pests you should watch out for in Henderson.

1. Scorpions Are Scary Common in Henderson

Scorpions have made their home in desert climates for centuries. They’re a close relative of spiders, but with a stinger on the end of a long, curved tail rather than fangs. Most scorpions, contrary to popular belief, don’t carry enough venom to kill a human. This doesn’t mean they’re not a threat! An allergic reaction or particularly strong sting can still cause quite some damage to humans. You’ll likely run into scorpions outside your home, in dry areas with plenty of shade. Scorpions prefer desert landscapes because they’re easy to burrow in. If you spot them in your yard, contact a pest control professional immediately. A single scorpion always belies a lot more hiding nearby!

2. Watch Out for Disease-Carrying Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the Henderson area. Cockroaches nest anywhere they can find food, shelter, and water. This roach wish list makes your kitchen and pantry particularly desirable spots, but they’ll settle for outdoor pet shelters, pools, or storage sheds. Roaches aren’t bothered by the Vegas heat and will happily settle down anywhere they feel undisturbed. Because they breed rapidly, it’s very difficult to stop an infestation once it starts. Watch out for either the brown, medium-sized German cockroach or the larger, black American cockroach. These breeds are common both inside and outside of homes and carry bacteria and viruses, which make them dangerous.

3. Bees Are a Necessary Pest, But Not in Your Yard

Unless it’s a rogue bee, you probably won’t notice you have a problem until it’s too late! Bee colonies can contain up to 80,000 bees! Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem. They pollinate our flowers, which allows new plants to grow! This means if you spot a bee colony anywhere near you, it’s time to contact a local pest control company with experience in bee removal, such as Dr. Death Pest Control. Never try removing a bee colony yourself; their sting usually isn’t much more besides painful. If you have an allergic reaction, it can be fatal.

4. Pesky Ants Ruin More Than Picnics

There are many different types of ants in the Henderson area. Carpenter ants, fire ants, and black ants are all common. Each has its own particular set of unpleasant behavior, such as the fire ants’ painful bite. All are known for having vast (and often undetectable) colonies. Ants breed by a process called ‘budding’ when they feel threatened. They can feel threatened just by you stepping on a few of them. Budding means they split their colony, move half to one location, and half to another location. Now you have twice the problem! Because of this, it’s important to watch out for these pests! If a pest control expert catches the problem early on, you can mitigate the damage easily.

For more common pest and other related pest tips, please contact Dr. Death Pest Control.

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