Problem Solved! Pest Control for Las Vegas Snowbirds

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Snowbirds are people who escape the cold winters of their home city, state or even country by spending the winter in a warmer place. Many of these people spend the winter in Las Vegas. While it’s great to be able to enjoy the sun and warmth all winter long, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one enjoying it. Plenty of pests love the warm weather too, and they may decide to take up residence in the snowbird’s home while you’re away. This article discusses pest control for Las Vegas snowbird homes.


1) Do Keep the Property Free of Food

Pests attract food, so keeping a home clean and free of food debris is important. Regular vacuuming and cleaning up spills will help to keep pests away. When away, snowbirds should not use their kitchen; keep all food items in sealed containers.

2) Inspect the Home for Cracks and Holes

Pests can enter a home through small cracks and holes, so snowbirds must inspect their Las Vegas home regularly and seal any openings. They should check around windows, doors, and pipes.

3) Do Use Pest Control

Snowbird pest issues can be a real problem if not correctly handled. Homes that are left vacant for long periods need pest control products and regular maintenance to prevent serious issues.

Even though various DIY pest control products are available, homes should have routine pest control rather than trying to combat infestations upon return to an empty home.


1) Don’t Leave Water Standing

Pests are attracted to water, so fixing any leaks is essential and ensuring there is no standing water around your home. Standing water is a breeding ground for pests, so it’s essential to remove altogether. Water can attract pests like mosquitoes, rodents and snakes, so keep your home clean and dry.

2) Don’t Neglect the Yard.

Snowbirds should keep their yards clean and debris-free since pests love to take residence in a yard that is relatively undisturbed. Trim trees and shrubs and remove any dead leaves or branches. If you have a pool, keep it clean and free of stagnant water and have a service maintain the chemicals when the home is not occupied.

Pest problems are easy to solve when regular maintenance is done. Unfortunately, if snowbirds neglect their homes while away, it will lead to severe problems.

3) Don’t Wait to Call a Professional

When snowbirds find a pest problem, they should not wait to call a professional; instead, they should contact us as soon as possible to recommend the best course of treatment.

Pests can be a nuisance, but with regular maintenance and proper pest control, snowbirds who come back to Las Vegas can keep them at bay. Pest control is more effective when homeowners are proactive and take the necessary precautions to keep their homes ready. Snowbirds should contact Dr. Death Pest Control today for all their Las Vegas pest control needs.

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