Uh-Oh! Snake Removal in Henderson, NV

yellow and black snake with tongue out

Wondering why snakes come into the home? If so, you’re not alone. As the weather gets nicer in Henderson, locals open doors to let in the sun. As a result, we get countless calls about these pests that take advantage of this situation. This is why we want locals to learn why snakes come into the home and when to call a snake remover if you happen to see one.

Why Snakes Come Into the Home  

Snakes wander into your home for the same reason any animal might come in: for shelter and food. As cold-blooded creatures, they get sluggish in the heat, causing them to look for places shaded by the sun. Open doors and windows, unattended ductwork that leads outside, holes and cracks in foundations, and just about any other means of entry attract them.

Additionally, they may be looking for food. People with snakes in their homes may have rodent issues with mice, rats, or chipmunks. If snakes find these common food sources, they might decide to nest for the long term.

What to Do if You See a Snake

If you see a snake in your home, the first thing to do is leave it alone. You may be unable to identify the kind of snake. In addition, the snake would prefer to avoid conflict with people. However, when threatened, even non-venomous serpents will lash out. Therefore, your best bet is to shut it in the room where you see it and stuff towels under the door so it doesn’t have a way out.

Pro Tip: Here are 3 venomous snakes in Henderson to watch out for!

If you get bitten, try not to panic. Sit calmly and stay still. If you have a first-aid kit with a compression bandage, wrap it around the bitten limb to help keep potential venom from spreading but don’t cover the bite. Call an ambulance or get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Most importantly, do not try to remove the snake yourself. Call for professional snake removers to take care of the problem.

removing a black snake

How to Avoid Snakes in Your House

Snake-proofing your home requires closing off all potential points of entry. Use screens on all your windows and install a screen door. Never leave open doors unattended. If you find cracks and holes, fill them with caulking, and check your foundation, walkways and porches regularly. Additionally, do not make your area prone to snakes with birdhouses or rodents. 

If your home has fencing, attach aluminum flashing to the bottom. Mesh fencing that goes several inches deep into the soil may also be a deterrent, as snakes can’t get through the mesh. Similarly, cover any drains and vents that lead into your house with galvanized screening. 

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a snake or other creature might still make its way into your home, and when this happens, it’s time to call in the professional snake removers. Contact Dr. Death Pest Control today!

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