Buzz Off! How To Keep Bees and Wasps Away


If you’re wondering how to keep bees and wasps away from your yard in warmer weather, you’re not alone. One of the many spring and summertime bugs, these pests are essential pollinators but become a problem when they start buzzing around and stinging. Striking a balance to keep them at bay can be tricky, and sometimes you need to call in the pros. Before that happens, check out these tips and tricks for keeping bees and wasps away.

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Wasp Traps Can Be Cute and Fun

Wasp traps are simple structures that use a tempting substance like honey or water and sugar to lure the wasps, then prevent them from getting out. They don’t have to be unsightly, though.


Create one yourself out of whatever materials are around the house. Use decorative plastic globes or purchase one designed to be attractive and look like decor for your yard. These cute traps can be a fun way to help keep stinging insects at bay. Find or make ones that match your backyard style and get as crafty as you like.

Seal Your Trash Cans

An essential and easy solution to keep flying critters away is sealing your trash cans. Bees and wasps are attracted to the scent of the garbage inside and will swarm around it. Especially if you host a party, plan to keep those receptacles covered. By keeping the cans sealed tight, the scent of the food is inhibited, driving bees and wasps to look elsewhere for food.

Be Smart With Landscaping

Bees and wasps love trees, shrubs, piles of lawn debris, and stacked wood. Creative landscaping adds value to your home, but placing certain features too close to the house can result in a bee and wasp invasion. Keep major features like hedgerows and trees at least 2 feet from your front door or any other opening you intend to open frequently.

Patch Up Cracks and Seals

If you have cracks in your foundation, bad seals around windows and doors, or other small entries available to bugs, patch them up. Wasps and bees look for crevices to get into, and bees will even build nests inside walls when given a chance because walls provide protective shielding. Seal up your house to stop them from nesting in an inconvenient spot.

What Doesn’t Work

Now that we’ve seen what keeps bees and wasps away let’s look at common myths that don’t work. These include flooding the nest with a hose or using fire and smoke to burn it out. Not only are these ineffective, but they can also be very dangerous. Water will anger the insects, and fire can be extremely hazardous.


Already Have Visitors? Let the Pros Handle It

If you’ve already got “friends” in the form of bees and wasps, it’s best to call in the professionals. An established nest is nothing to mess around with, as it is risky to remove without the right tools. Professional exterminators can mitigate the danger and get rid of the problem while helping to ensure that it never comes back. Contact Dr. Death Pest Control today to take care of your bee and wasp removal needs!

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