Commercial Pest Control for Henderson’s Best Businesses

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Businesses often don’t think about commercial pest control services until they realize they have an infestation and it becomes necessary. The best companies in this town know where to find commercial pest control services in Henderson, NV. They trust Dr. Death Pest Control.

Custom Service Plans for Every Need

Dr. Death commercial pest control in Henderson, NV, offers unique plans customized to your company’s needs. You may have heard of our residential plans, but we also provide expert services for local companies. We have over 12 years of service to this community. Our professional pest control technicians have decades of combined experience. 

The Best Around With Bugs

Our Henderson commercial pest control services start with bugs. We’ve seen plenty of these in dumpsters, cracks in foundations, debris near buildings, kitchen droppings, and the like. We handle just about any infestation you have, whether bees and wasps, cockroaches, or even scorpions.

Get Rid of Rodents

Beyond that, we have dealt with all types of rodents. Mice and rats cause extensive damage. Not only do they bring in disease and secondary infestations of things like fleas and ticks, but they damage property. They can even cause fires from chewing through wiring. They’re also hard to track down and eliminate. We provide expert service in locating these nests and getting rid of them. We’ve been certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) to deal with rodents.

Busting Bird Invasions

Birds invade buildings looking for places to roost at night or make nests that provide safety, warmth, and protection. Unfortunately, birds transmit over 60 diseases through droppings and other proximity issues when they’re in your building. They even do property damage to your facility. We remove birds (often without needing to kill them) and seal off their entry points, so they don’t come back.

Commercial Pest Control in Henderson, NV

Dr. Death Pest Control is a premier residential and commercial pest control service provider to the Henderson, NV, region. Any type of business you have and whatever kind of pest control you need, we will handle the job. We’ve dealt with restaurants, warehouses, offices, health care facilities, retail and shopping centers, apartment complexes, and more.

Whether it flies, crawls, wiggles, squirms, or skitters, we take care of your problem. We will determine your problem and work with you to create a pest control solution tailored to your needs. We also offer weekly, monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly maintenance services.

In the end, not only do we offer experienced expert service, but we’re local. We’re your friends, family, and neighbors, and we believe in protecting the community where we live and work. Contact Dr. Death Pest Control and get a free estimate today!

Currently only servicing Henderson and Boulder City.

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