A Complete Solution to Silverfish Removal in Henderson, NV


Silverfish removal in Henderson, NV, requires skills to track down the source of the infestation and ensure they stay gone. If you have these sneaky, pesky little pests, it’s essential to get silverfish infestation treatment as soon as possible. While they’re often considered harmless, they create real problems in your home, damaging things you cherish and ruining your food. Learn about silverfish removal in Henderson, NV, and how a silverfish exterminator helps you get rid of these creepy pests.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are sometimes called bristletails because of the three appendages on their backside; their distinctive features include light grey or blue colors. Because they actively avoid light, you may see this nocturnal pest scurry for the shadows when you turn on the light at night. They prefer carbohydrates and sugar and feed on protein, paper, and fabric. Silverfish also have a long life span, living up to eight years and breeding the entire time.

Silverfish do the following damage:

  • Eat book bindings and glue – goodbye, library!
  • Chew holes in your clothing – so long, closet of clothes!
  • Ruin your food – hello, pantry invasion!
  • Cause structural damage – greetings, repair costs!
  • Cause irritation – welcome back, allergies!

Where Are Silverfish Commonly Found?

Silverfish love dark and damp places. They are commonly seen in attics, bathrooms, and basements. However, they also get into your pantry to eat your food. You might also see them in your closets, where they’ll get into your clothes.

Why Call in a Professional?

Because they are nocturnal, silverfish infest your house for a long time before you even know they are present. People often mistake damage from silverfish for damage from moths, ants, or other bugs. However, using the same treatments and home remedies to get rid of other pests doesn’t work for silverfish infestations.

The good news is that silverfish aren’t generally an immediate threat to humans or pets. If your dog or cat eats one, it won’t usually harm the animal unless your pet has a rare allergy present. The invaders don’t bite people or pets, either. They will, however, make a favorite meal out of an expensive three-piece suit or wedding dress you have in your closet.


Silverfish Removal in Henderson, NV

To avoid a silverfish infestation, keep your kitchen clean, empty trash bins, and regularly check for signs of pests. If you have invaders, reach out to a silverfish exterminator like Dr. Death Pest Control. We help you get rid of any infestation and give you advice and tools to continue pest prevention. To protect your food, clothes, home, and valuables, contact Dr. Death Pest Control and get a free estimate today!

Currently only servicing Henderson and Boulder City.

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