Why You Have a Las Vegas Roach Problem

Las Vegas Roach Problem

If you have a Las Vegas roach problem, you’re not alone. You might be amazed at how many homes and businesses deal with these insidious and tenacious pests. They are ugly, unsanitary, can carry diseases, and, once established, can be tough to remove entirely. Learn why you have a roach problem in Las Vegas, what you may have overlooked, and why you should call in the pros if you see a roach in your home or business.

What Attracts Roaches

Just because you have roaches doesn’t mean your house is messy. Outdoor features like birdbaths or other bowls of standing water, even gutters, invite new roach friends. They like wood and compost piles but are most common in trash cans, dense vegetation, and mulch. If these common pest hot spots are near the house, they may be the culprit of how your roach problem began. 

They also enter homes because they are easy to access. If you have openings like dryer vents, cracks in your walls, window screens with tears, or other gaps, roaches will use them to get inside. Like all creatures, they want food and shelter, and try to find them in your home.

What Attracts Roaches

Things That Are Easy to Miss

Many items in your home attract roaches. Do you have pets? Their food bowl can attract bugs when left over time on the floor. Is the area under your sink, behind your bathtub, or in your basement damp? Dark and damp areas make ideal homes for pests.

Make a habit of cleaning thoroughly under your cabinets. Bits of dried food that hide beyond view make great fodder for pests. Roaches also love to live in attic vents, under sinks, inside pantries, etc. Your house could be spotless and still attract invaders with dark, damp areas.

Controlling Entry Points

As any professional for pest control in Las Vegas, NV, can tell you, the best way to keep roaches out of your house is to control their entry points. Prevent access from cracks under your doors, dryer vents without screens, attic vents, and any other easy opening. Put weather stripping around windows and doors, and seal any cracks in your home, including plumbing entrances and the foundation. Fortify your outdoor space, too. Make sure you have no standing water or debris around your house. 

Las Vegas pest control services

Why Call in the Pros?

Call local experts with the experience to take care of your Las Vegas pest control services. Las Vegas buildings commonly encounter pest issues that can be exterminated and prevented. Get a free estimate from Dr. Death Pest Control for your pest services to avoid future problems and even damage. You can learn more about keeping your Las Vegas home safe from pests at Dr.DeathPestControl.com.

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