Choose the Best Pest Control Company in Las Vegas


Are you wondering how to choose the best pest control company in Las Vegas? Look no further! Your list of must-haves is our priority. Our years of experience have taught us so much about the local needs and necessities for a home. Learn how to choose the best pest control company in Las Vegas and why Dr. Death Pest Control is the expert for the job.

When looking for exterminators, we’ve learned it all comes down to a few things:

  • Pet-friendly services
  • Worry-free pest control
  • Local expertise
  • Educators

Pet-Friendly Services

Many pest control methods threaten dogs, cats, birds, and other pets because of the toxins inside the formulas. You may manage what you eat and breathe, but your pets will not show the same restraint when exploring the newly pest serviced backyard. Dr. Death Pest Control offers services to protect your furry family members just as they do your human ones. 

Our formulas use pet friendly methods to keep your pets safe during treatment. We ensure that food bowls, beds, toys, and water dishes are kept separate and away. We treat your pet family like we would our own. ensure

Worry-Free Pest Control

Pests are not permanent residents! Pest services from Dr. Death Pest Control ensure your unwanted tenants find somewhere else to make camp. But how do you guarantee you choose an experienced exterminator? A professional exterminator can produce their license and insurance card upon request, explain their products, and complete a job with ease and experience. Dr. Death Pest Control arrives prepared to diagnose and treat the problem.


Expertise in Vegas Bugs

Dr. Death Pest Control understands the requirements for Las Vegas bug and pest control. Our specialists address issues with invading scorpions, rats, cockroaches, ants, and other typical local pests. We select the proper methods to control infestations based on our many years of experience.

Getting You Educated

We believe that Las Vegas pest control services must educate customers. By teaching you, we establish proper pest control habits that keep the bugs away when we aren’t there. We write blogs and offer videos that provide easily accessible information about all the pesky invaders you might face, too.


About Dr. Death Pest Control

Since 2007, Dr. Death Pest Control has been the answer to choosing the best pest control company in Las Vegas. We are a trusted provider of pest management and pest control services in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding regions. We have two goals: to make sure you feel safe and secure and rid your home of pest problems once and for all. Contact Dr. Death Pest Control today!

Currently only servicing Henderson and Boulder City.

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