Is Pest Control Pet-Friendly?

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Pets are a family member just as much as a human is. You want to keep them safe. Pest control should be a crucial part of your home maintenance routine. What kind of pest control can you do with pets? Not all forms are pet-friendly. Traditional over-the-counter pest control methods such as Raid!, and roach pellets can effortlessly kill a pet if ingested or inhaled. It takes a trained expert to use pet-friendly pest control methods, but there is plenty you can do on your own to help mitigate the problem.

What Insects Are Considered Pet-Friendly?

It’s knowledgeable to understand what pests pose the biggest threat. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos all love to target animals. They carry bacteria and viruses that can be dangerous to your pet. On top of causing illness, they also tend to cause the animal to scratch or bite at the wound. Over time this nibbling can break the skin, allowing new bacteria into fresh wounds. Spiders also remain at the top of a pest control expert’s mind because of their often deadly bites. Not all spiders carry venom, but the ones that do pack a pretty toxic punch. 

The owner of Dr Death Pest Control, a pet-friendly pest control service, petting a dog inside

Differences Between Pet-Friendly and Non-Pet-Friendly Pest Control

What counts as pet-friendly pest control, and what doesn’t? Not all pest control methods are created equal. A good rule of thumb is: if it isn’t safe for you to ingest or inhale, it’s not safe for them. An expert pest control should utilize chemical sprays and food traps that can be extremely effective methods for eradicating infestations but shouldn’t be operated by anyone else. Pet-friendly pest control uses the same process as non-pet-friendly but is applied more mindfully. Rather than treating an entire lawn, a client with pet tortoises will instead only have higher-up vegetation treat to avoid the risk of the pet consuming pest control materials. Mammals should be removed from the premises and only returned when sprays or wet applications are completely dried. What techniques you need to incorporate depends on what pets you have and what their habitat is; your pet-friendly pest control expert can help you figure out what will work for you!

Keeping Your Pets Safe During Pest Control Treatment

When you have your home professionally sprayed, you take the dinnerware out of the cabinets. You need to do the same for the pets! Their food bowls, water dishes, beds, and toys should be kept away safely from any pest control methods. Tamper-proof traps make consumption less tempting to curious dogs and cats. Glue traps must be placed, well away from any beloved pets. Make sure your pet cannot reach them! Most importantly, remove the pet from the area being treated for the period until your pest control expert recommends. Pest control experts may recommend fifteen minutes or longer based on the service until you let your pets out.

Are you worried about pet-friendly pest control companies? We can tailor any service to fit around your pet’s needs! For more common pests and other related pest tips, please contact Dr. Death Pest Control.

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