Henderson Pest Control: What to Do If You Are Stung by a Scorpion

Henderson has a serious scorpion pest control challenge. Did you know that some of our beautiful communities had scorpions as their previous residents? As we built our homes on top of theirs, these scorpions decided to become our roommates. Taking the initiative to eradicate a scorpion infestation is a must when you live in Henderson. If you see a single scorpion inside the home, chances are there are at least 30 more hiding somewhere. If left untouched, they’ll take over your home. Contact a professional pest control company. The good news is these pests are rarely deadly. Only when the victim of a scorpion sting is allergic to the venom will things require professional medical intervention. It doesn’t give you the option to let them roam free; they can still be dangerous. Here’s what to do if you are stung by a scorpion.

Know The Trigger: Why Scorpions Attack

Scorpions, like most pests, aren’t evil. They don’t want to attack and hurt you if they don’t have to. Scorpions evolved with a scary-looking stinger to terrify their prey, not us. They have defined stingers to attack their victim in the wild, injecting it with paralyzing venom. After the prey is tame from the toxin, the scorpion will use its pincers to grip and ultimately eat their catch. A scorpion used their stingers to defend a predator; if the critter feels you’re going to try to kill it, it will sting you. Knowing the trigger can help you avoid ever getting bitten.

What Kind of Scorpion Is Deadly?

In the Henderson area, pest control companies only see a few different varieties of scorpions. The most common type of scorpion is the desert hairy, which is a light brown with full, rounded pincers. Their venom is relatively weak, but individuals may be allergic and have a much more severe reaction. The significant type of scorpion is the bark scorpion, which is a light brown with a slightly darker midsection. These scorpions are the mean ones – their venom can kill children, the elderly, pets, or people with preexisting health conditions. A Henderson pest control specialist should handle this type, but taking precautions avoiding bark scorpions is crucial.

What To Do If You Get Stung

The first thing to do if you ever get stung by a scorpion: don’t panic. Most aren’t deadly, although the sting will hurt. You may notice immediate swelling and redness in the sting location. Gently wash the area with antibacterial soap and water, apply ice, and take ibuprofen to lower the swelling. Keep an eye out for any difficulty breathing, swallowing, or abnormal swelling. Seek out medical attention if the symptoms persist or worsen – and bring the scorpion with you.

Prevention Is Key: Keeping Your Henderson Home Pest-Free

The best way to handle a scorpion sting is, not get stung in the first place. While this isn’t always doable, hiring a local Henderson pest control company, to regularly check your house for signs of an infestation is a responsible first step. You can also do preventative care by removing large debris such as firewood stacks from directly next to the house. Anything relatively untouched is a potential den for scorpions, so rotate your outdoor decorations regularly. Keep grass and landscaping trimmed and in good order to prevent hiding spots. Lastly, fill in any cracks where critters can slip in, such as around doors or under windows. Scorpions can be so small that they can squeeze through a gap that is the thickness of a credit card. Do all this, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to worry about scorpions – but at least you know what to do if you’re stung! For more pest tips and services contact Dr. Death Pest Control.

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