Pest Exterminator: Why are Cockroaches More Comfortable at Night?

Every homeowner has a nightmare of flicking on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and seeing the floor move. Instead of it being a fever dream, this is a pretty common occurrence. The floor isn’t moving – it’s a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are a common invasive pest in the Henderson area. They’re primarily nocturnal, which is why so many homeowners don’t realize they have a problem until the darker hours. While they can be driven to come out in daylight, it’s rare. Seeing a cockroach while the sun is up is indicative of a huge problem. Why do cockroaches come out more at night? Our Henderson pest control experts have got the answer!

Cockroaches Have a Circadian Rhythm Just Like Humans

Like humans, cockroaches have their own circadian rhythm. There are times when cockroaches are active, resting, and sleeping. These cycles usually fall on the opposite end of a human’s; where we get sleepy when the sun goes down, that’s when a roach wakes up. Cockroaches are pretty intelligent critters, but their basic needs are the same as any other animal. When they’re awake, they’re seeking food, water, and mates. Naturally, they want to do this at a time when predators are least likely to be around. Humans are the modern cockroaches’ biggest threat, so they’ve adapted to be at rest when we’re active and awake when we sleep.

Why Do Cockroaches Come Out at Night?

If cockroaches want to avoid being stepped on by a grossed-out human, they’re better off not coming out until the human is gone. Even further than that, a cockroach is a lot less likely to have its food source removed during feeding if no human is there to remove it. Because of this, they feel most safe coming out at night. There are fewer predators for them at night, fewer distractions on the way to their food, and fewer things to get in the way of breeding.

Are Cockroaches Scared of Light?

Some people are under the mistaken impression cockroaches are scared by light. This is completely false! Cockroaches come out at night because of a lack of predators, not because of a lack of light. The truth is cockroaches seek out light in certain situations, similar to how moths do. Where the notion of them being afraid of light comes from is their behavior when humans turn on light: they run away, quickly. However, it’s not the light they’re scared of – it’s the humans! Cockroaches evolved to know that light equals humans and humans equal death, so they run whenever a light source suddenly appears.

What to Do When You See Roaches at Night

Say you’re one of the unlucky homeowners who does see a cockroach come out at night inside their home. What do you do? As with any infestation indication, you should call your trusted pest control expert immediately. By the time you see a cockroach, it means there are so many of them they have no choice but to be seen by you. Low food sources due to overcrowding push them further and further out of the comfort zone until you catch them. Calling a professional pest control company will have that infestation taken care of ASAP. If you don’t see them (and don’t want to), make sure to take preventative measures. Ensuring food is cleaned up and stored in airtight containers at all times is the easiest way to take care of a roach problem before it happens. Keep pipes, sinks, and tubs clear of standing water and food debris. Remove trash from the home within 24 hours. In general, the cleaner your house is means the fewer roaches want to come inside!

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