Vegas Pest Control: The 5 Worst Pests in Nevada

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Las Vegas is a desert many pests call home. Some breeds or insects and rodents are native to the lands and some were brought here from afar. Regardless of where they came from you don’t necessarily want them in your home. Are some pests worse than others? Of course! Our Vegas pest control experts are here to tell you which critters are the worst pests in Nevada.

1. Scorpions

These blacklight-visible critters are scary to have in your home. Not only are their curved tails ending in sharp stingers frightening to see, they’re also dangerous. Most scorpions native to Las Vegas are non-venomous, but their sting can still cause some serious pain. If you’re allergic to scorpion venom, they might be deadly even if the venom isn’t toxic. They breed in the spring and summer. Some can grow to several inches long and crawl through tiny cracks in your foundation or windows. Once you notice one, there are much more hiding nearby. Hire a professional pest control expert with scorpion experience to ensure you eradicate the whole infestation. Otherwise, the scorpions will move to another hiding spot.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a pain everywhere: various breeds can be found all over the world. The common types in Las Vegas are American (black, large), German (small, brown), and Oriental (also known as water bugs, small and black). Each has its own distinctions but share universal traits. All three breed quickly. They seek out food and water sources, making your kitchen a likely home. Cockroaches have evolved to avoid humans, so they show up mostly at night when we’re asleep. As with scorpions, you may not know you have a cockroach problem until it’s too late. Preventative measures such as roach motels or bait traps can help catch stragglers, but if you have an infestation, it’s best to call in a professional. Cockroaches are known spreaders of disease, and their waste can cause asthma or allergic reactions.

3. Ants

The quintessential unwelcome dinner guest moves from the picnic blanket to your home easily. Ants are tiny but mighty – their colonies average several thousand ants per colony. They’re usually harmless to humans, although some do bite when threatened. Where ants become a problem is inside your home. Carpenter ants, a common pest in Las Vegas, can cause structural damage to your home. Once they’re inside, they want to stay there. Ants reproduce quickly and spread out through a process called budding. If a colony feels threatened (for example, by a human putting down bait), they will split the colony in half and move half somewhere else. The two small colonies then get to work breeding, increasing the numbers twofold.

4. Spiders

Most spiders found in Nevada are harmless, except for the Black Widow and Brown Recluse. In fact, spiders are very beneficial to the environment! They eat other bugs, like flies and ants. Just because they’re helpful doesn’t mean they’re welcome. A spider infestation can be terrifying. Depending on what breed they are, their bite can be venomous. Some spiders do carry disease. They hide anywhere they feel secure, such as attics or garage corners. To avoid them nesting, regularly move around furniture, decor, and storage pieces. Sweep up any visible webs and move spiders outside whenever possible.

5. Bees & Wasps

Potentially the most important pests to be aware of in Las Vegas are the flying ones: bees and wasps. We need bees to pollinate plants. Without bees, our world would not survive. It’s important to let them do their job and never kill a bee if you can avoid it… But that doesn’t mean they need to do their pollinating close to you. Wasps, yellow jackets, and even honeybees can be scary. They pack a mean sting and could potentially be deadly if you’re allergic. It’s best to leave removal to the experts. Professional pest control companies like Dr. Death Pest Control will be happy to safely remove a bee nest from your home.

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