Pest Control Expert: Preventing Stink Bug Infestations in Henderson

A stink bug on a leaf

Stink bugs are the most aptly named type of pest. They’re believed to have been brought to the United States years ago on ships coming from Eastern countries like China and Japan. Stink bugs aren’t particularly welcome pests; like cockroaches, once they infest an area, they’re notoriously unwilling to leave. On a positive note, stink bugs in Henderson are relatively easy to detect, if not by color, then by their odor. These malodorous pests are becoming more common in Henderson as the years go by. Here’s how to spot them!

Identifying Your Local Henderson Stink Bug

There’s a specific genus of stink bug that populates Henderson: the Say’s stink bug. This particular breed of stink bug is a peculiar shade of yellow-green and approximately half an inch long. Their bodies are a shield shape despite stink bugs frequently mistaken for beetles. The most telling sign when dealing with a stink bug is, of course, the stink. When threatened, a stink bug will release an odorous musk, similar to the defense skunks employ. If you notice your curtains smelling like dirty feet after a particularly vigorous outdoor exercise, you’re dealing with stink bugs!

Why Stink Bugs Choose Your Home

Stink bugs, like many other Henderson bugs such as earwigs, silverfish, and crickets, are not necessarily harmful to humans. They won’t sting you or bite you. What stink bugs are after is a respite from the heat. Since they’re not native to Henderson, stink bugs aren’t accustomed to the blazing summer heat. They’re content to stay outside, on the side of buildings, throughout summer, but when temperatures rise, they seek asylum inside air-conditioned homes. Because of their small size, stink bugs can squeeze into the tiniest crack in your foundation, stucco, or door frames. Once inside, they’re happy to eat any produce or houseplants you have lying around.

Preventing Stink Bug Infestations in Henderson

Your nose will most likely tell you when you have a stink bug infestation. The telltale stinky feet odor indicating a stink bug’s presence means you should call a professional pest control expert. Handling an infestation yourself can easily backfire. Commercial pesticides available at your local big-box store will kill stink bugs, but their corpses then provide food for larger, more threatening insects. If only one or two stink bugs make it into your home, you can sweep them outside. Any more than a handful of sightings require professional intervention. The best form of pest control is prevention, so make sure to have your home regularly inspected for exterior cracks, which allow critters in.

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