How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Henderson Home

Spiders are never welcome houseguests. Our evolution has taught us that these spooky-looking critters are dangerous. Is this fear founded? Somewhat. While most Henderson spiders aren’t deadly, their bites can still be painful and cause allergic reactions to both humans and pets. Homeowners need to get rid of spiders quickly. Common non-venomous Henderson spiders include the Giant House Spider, Jumping Spider, and Desert Tarantula. They won’t hurt you, but they will breed rapidly, taking over your home within months. Just as quick to propagate are dangerous breeds such as the Desert Brown and Black Widow, both common in Henderson. Understanding why spiders choose your home is critical to prevent infestations. One or two spiders may not seem like a problem, but within a few life cycles, they’ll overrun your house. The good news is you can get rid of many Henderson spiders with a few simple tips! 

Spiders Are Attracted to Warm, Dark Places with Plenty of Food

You won’t get an infestation if spiders don’t feel comfortable. Most spiders prefer being outside but have no qualms moving in if there is a food source and place they can be undisturbed. They prefer warm, dark areas. Under the bed, in your ceiling, in the back of cabinets, and closet corners are all cozy enough for local Henderson spiders. A particular favorite home of spiders is storage. We all are guilty of tucking away our Christmas supplies in a far corner to be untouched throughout the year. A perfect hiding spot for spiders, bad for us. Undisturbed boxes are a breeding ground for spiders, make sure to shift them every month or so. Kitchens are heavily trafficked areas, but spiders may still settle in if there’s a food source. Anywhere you notice other bugs present, spiders will show up. 

spider on teal wooden box

Spider Spotted! How to Get Rid of Them 

A single spider isn’t a big issue. You can move the little guy outside and sweep up the web. Intricate, far-reaching cobwebs arecause for concern. Any signs that multiple spiders are occupying an area, such as vast webs or visible critters, should be handled by a professional pest control expert. Removing a single spider is relatively easy. Take a look at them and make sure you’re not dealing with a highly venomous one, such as the Desert Brown or Black Widow. If it’s a harmless breed, place a cup over the spider and slide the paper underneath to trap it. Bring the cup and paper outside at least 20 feet away from your home, and release the spider. We don’t recommend killing it! Spiders are essential for the ecosystem in moderation. Once it becomes a big enough issue where pesticides need to come in, don’t worry! We’ll take care of eliminating large spider infestations for you. 

How to Prevent Henderson Spiders from Returning 

The best thing you can do to prevent spiders from your home is to keep it clean at all times. Vacuuming the carpet at least once a week. Moving your boxed or stored items weekly to prevent areas from gathering dust. Cleaning up spills will help prevent spiders from coming into your home. You must keep other bugs out of the house! When other insects, such as ants or roaches, enter your home, spiders will follow. If there’s a food source, they’re there! Besides keeping a tidy home, you can also rid your Henderson home of spiders by eliminating points of entry. Spiders crawl in through gaps in your doorways and windows. Make sure those holes are closed off. Gardens or organic matter should be placed far away from the foundation as possible. Contact us for one of our affordable pest control packages to guarantee limit spider infestation in your home. 

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