Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage Done By Rodents?

rat damage

If your home has sustained damage caused by rats, your home insurance policy is unlikely to cover it for repairs to be made. The reason is because the damage is viewed as preventable. Having pest maintenance which would have prevented it from happening. While having homeowners’ insurance can easily provide peace of mind, coverage may not be available once damage is found, and you will need to take care of any rodent removal yourself. Because rat damage is likely not covered, you will be forking out the money yourself to get repairs done. (Consult your own insurance policy for specific information.)

A House Fire Can Be Caused by Rodents

When a rodent takes refuge inside a home, not only are they looking for food but they are also in search of items to chew on. They have a need to chew on items because their teeth continually grow at a fast rate and chewing helps to maintain the length of the teeth. For the homeowner, this can become very problematic when the homeowner has no idea that their structure is a chew toy. When rodents begin to chew on wires, the problem can quickly turn into a deadly house fire. Is a rat-caused fire covered by your insurance? Don’t wait to have one to ask this vital question.

A Home Flooding Can Be Caused by Rodents

There is nothing that a rodent will not chew on. This includes chewing on water pipes. Often your water pipes run through the ceiling of your Las Vegas home. That happens to be where roof rats love to live. Unfortunately, this is where the potential flood will take place once a pipe begins to leak. One may not believe that a rodent would gnaw through a plastic water pipe, but their teeth are strong enough to damage just about anything. Is a rat-caused flood covered by your insurance? Don’t wait to have one to ask this vital question.

The Rodents Can Damage the Structure and Foundation Of Your Home

When a rodent needs to get out of the cold for warmth or to build a nest, your home will be the perfect target for them. To gain entry, they are happy to chew their way in. A rodent can attack any part of the home’s structure including the foundation in order to get inside.

Because of their constant need to chew, rodents may chew on many different materials that your home is made of, including stone, stucco, and wood. The rodent will eventually gain entrance if you do not put a stop to it. It may be hard to believe that a rodent would be chewing through brick or stones, however, it is not impossible when it wants to gain access.

As soon as a rodent is in your home, they eventually gnaw on many other items such as insulation to create their nest. Because of this, without any rat control the rodent can cause more than their fair share of damage to your home.


Infestation can easily cause harm to your home if you allow it. You should not take it for granted that your insurance will cover it because this damage will likely be considered preventable. When damage is labeled as preventable, it means you should have used some type of rodent control for rats and mice. In order to protect your home, you need to get in touch with a rodent specialist to set traps for safe removal.
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