Where are Those Ugly Insects Coming from? Check the Drain

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Have you ever experienced seeing bugs crawling around your home, even though you have done everything to keep it clean and bug-free? You’ve sealed all the holes, you don’t leave food outside, and you don’t have indoor plants with soil. Yet, you still find bugs. So, where are these little critters coming from? This blog will explore one potential source many homeowners overlook the drain.

Check the Drain

Drains that are used infrequently can be a potential entry point for bugs. This is especially true for floor drains in basements, laundry rooms, or rarely used bathrooms. When left unattended, these drains become a breeding ground for pests such as drain flies or moth flies. These small, fuzzy insects are about 1/8 inch in length and feed on organic matter that accumulates in drains.

Another commonly overlooked area in frequently used sinks is sink overflow. The sink overflow is a hole near the sink bowl’s top that helps prevent the sink from overflowing. However, this hole can also become a prime entry point for bugs. The sink overflow should be cleaned regularly, especially when the sink is used frequently.

In addition to the above, blocked drains can attract cockroaches, silverfish, and other pests. These pests are attracted to the moisture and organic matter that accumulates in blocked drains. Regular drain cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent these pests from entering your home.

What type of bugs come up the drain?

The most common bugs from the drain include drain flies, cockroaches, silverfish, and centipedes. Drain flies, also known as moth flies, are often found hovering around sinks and drains, where they lay their eggs. These flies are usually harmless to humans but can be a nuisance.

Cockroaches are often associated with dirty, unsanitary environments. They can come up from the sewers and into your drain. Once they’re in your home, they can cause many problems. Cockroaches can trigger allergies and asthma, contaminate food, and spread disease.

Silverfish are tiny bugs attracted to moisture and can often be found in drains. They’re harmless to humans, but their presence can be annoying. Centipedes, on the other hand, are fast-moving creatures attracted to the moisture in drains. They can cause a lot of anxiety when found crawling around the house.

How Do Bugs Get Into the Drain?

Bugs in drain usually originate from the sewers. Bugs can easily crawl through the drain and into your home when there’s a break in the sewer line or if it’s not properly sealed. Age, corrosion, and tree roots can damage sew systems. This can cause the sewer to leak and attract bugs.

In addition to damaged sewer lines, blockages in the sewer line can also cause pests to enter your home through the drain. When a blockage occurs, sewage can go back into the pipes, creating an ideal environment for pests to breed.

Bugs in drain can be a frustrating and difficult problem to deal with, but it’s not one that you have to face alone. As a homeowner in Henderson Nevada, pest control is important to keep your home pest-free. Regular drain cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent pests from entering your home. Remember to check your drains regularly, especially the sink overflow. If you have a difficult pest infestation, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Death Pest Control to handle your tough job. With their expertise in Las Vegas Pest Control, they can help you get rid of those pesky bugs for good.

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