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Rodents are quickly becoming a big problem in Henderson. Rodents are known for their adaptability, making them comfortable in nearly any environment. If humans can live somewhere, so can rodents. There are a few types of rodent common to the Henderson area, and each poses their own unique method of destruction. If you suspect you have an issue with the fuzzy critters, it’s best to act quickly. Dr. Death Pest Control is certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) in rodent standards, making us a safe choice for removal. If you want the issue safely controlled with the latest standards, procedures, and techniques – give us a call!

Which Rodents Are Common to Las Vegas?

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Rodents weren’t always a big problem in Las Vegas, but the NWCOA has found more and more instances of a few breeds showing up in homes and businesses in recent years. The most frequently spotted rats in the Valley are Norway (brown) rats and roof rats. Each has their own special preferences. Norway rats are large and, as their nickname implies, brown. They enjoy infesting structures and prefer being close to the ground. Roof rats have become a major pest in tall buildings because they frequent high altitudes. Office buildings, attics, and multi-story homes have seen a massive uptick in roof rat issues within just the last decade. For mice, there have been big booms in the deer mice and house mice populations. Deer mice thrive in Las Vegas because of the warmer temperatures and can be easily detected because of their food caches. If you see small piles of food scraps lying around, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with deer mice. The basic house mouse spreads like wildfire, having about 8-10 pups per litter. If you see one mouse, we can guarantee there are more nearby.

Rodents May Be Small, but They’re a Big Problem

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While you may be tempted to say, ‘it’s just one mouse’, keep in mind they’re incredibly dangerous to your home and health. Rodents carry a multitude of diseases. Roof rats, in particular, are known carriers of typhus, salmonella, and rat bite fever. They don’t need to bite in order to pass some of these diseases on; roof rat waste carries as many diseases as their saliva. Speaking of waste, there will be a lot of it. Rodent waste carries bacteria and can initiate asthma attacks in those prone to them. This is gross by itself, but rodents are also highly destructive. House mice will chew through anything. Expect them to invade pantries, storage closets, and furniture. Your items will get torn up in the rodents’ quest to make comfortable nests, costing you money.

NWCOA Rodent Removal Standards and How They Benefit You

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There are plenty of things you can do as a homeowner to reduce the chances of a rodent infestation. Simple things such as keeping areas clutter-free to give them fewer hiding spaces or putting edible items in hard plastic containers instead of thin bags will discourage mice and rats from making themselves at home. Unfortunately, if you already have a mouse in your house, you’re probably dealing with an infestation. Don’t panic, because Dr. Death is NWCOA rodent certified and can take care of your problem quickly and humanely! True rodent control should be twofold: baiting and trapping. We’re able to assess the rodent situation and provide a treatment plan which is safe for your home and family, as humane as possible for the rodents, and long-lasting so you don’t have repeat visits from your furry friend. For help with your rodent problem contact Dr. Death Pest Control!

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