4 Ways to Bug-Proof Your Henderson Home

Dead Cockroach On The Sink On The Background Of The Water Faucet

Your home is your sanctuary from the daily humdrum. You eat at home, sleep at home, and raise your family inside the home. Because of this, you probably want it to be private. Pests are like tiny, uninvited houseguests. They come for a party (leaving the trash out a few days too long, giving them a food source) and end up moving in (staying in your cabinet with ‘unlimited’ food options). These houseguests are never welcome and yet so many Henderson homeowners end up dealing with scorpions, roaches, and even rodents. Don’t fret, because there is a solution! You can bug-proof your home with a few tweaks to your regular routine. Read more below about our ways to bug-proof your Henderson home!

1. Let the Pests Get Thirsty

While food is the more well-known reason bugs and rodents invade human abodes, water is almost as important. Bugs and rodents need water to survive just as much as humans do. Removing their source of water is just as crucial as properly disposing of trash. The first thing to look for is standing water such as crowded sinks, plugged bathtubs, or puddles outside. These need to be dried up before looking at ‘hidden’ sources. ‘Hidden’ or difficult-to-detect water locations for pests are often water leaks which humans have yet to notice or poorly sealed appliances. Many homeowners don’t realize a small amount of water stays in your dishwasher after its cycle is complete, making it a great spot for bugs to lay undisturbed. Let areas dry out completely before sealing them and you’ll notice far fewer pests.

2. Fill Gaps Inside and Outside

If there’s no door leading inside, there’s no way for pests to enter the home! Sealing off cracks is a crucial step in bug-proofing your home. Cracks, loose window fittings, and utility openings are all areas pests can come inside. Keep hoses and pipes in good condition to make sure nothing slips through weak spots. Any windows or doors should have an appropriate mesh screen to cover them. Cracked spots in either the interior or exterior of the home can be filled with caulk to remove the vulnerability.

3. Switch Up Exterior Decor

Bugs do serve a purpose! They’re important to a healthy ecosystem and should be allowed to live in their natural environment (outside). You’ll never be able to fully bug-proof your yard, but you can minimize how close they get to the home. Any areas which are undisturbed for long periods of time, such as a tool shed or pile of firewood, should be kept well away from the living areas of the home. Shrubbery, trees, or potted plants ideally will be planted away from windows or doors which will reduce the risk of bugs climbing from your plant into your home. Henderson homes in particular often have small plant life lining entryways to accent the desert landscaping but consider bug-resistant plants like cacti instead of dense foliage to reduce the chance of critters nesting inside.

4. Use Natural Deterrents When Possible

Not all pest deterrents are scary-sounding chemicals. In fact, many of the best ways to get unwanted houseguests to leave is by using natural remedies! Ants dislike cinnamon, chili powder, and mint. While chilies aren’t the best thing to leave sprinkled around, a light dusting of cinnamon is sure to do double duty: your house smells great and the ants depart. For cockroaches, another common Henderson pest, a sprinkling of Borax or diatomaceous earth combined with something they love (chocolate powder, for example) will have them either turning around or dying. Whatever you choose to go within order to bug-proof your home, make sure it doesn’t interact negatively with any pets who might bump into it. Common areas to spread natural deterrents are under appliances, behind furniture, and at entryways. Those definitely aren’t all of them, so don’t be afraid to ask your local pest control company what they recommend! For more tips and help removing bugs from your home contact Dr. Death Pest Control.

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