Scorpion Control: 5 Tips to Keep Them Out of Your Home

Scorpion Control Outside of a home

A creature with a long tail which whips you with a pointy, potentially venomous tail? It may sound like a nightmare but it’s very real to many homeowners in the Las Vegas valley. Scorpions’ natural habitat, the desert, has been built upon and they have nowhere to go but invade those developments. Unfortunately, those developments now have humans living in them! Areas near large swaths of desert, such as Henderson, are particularly susceptible to a lack of scorpion control. Over 25 different types of scorpions are local to the Las Vegas area, many of them venomous. If you suspect you have even one of them in your home, act fast. Similar to a cockroach infestation, scorpion infestations are swift to come and slow to leave. Keeping the scorpion situation under control is key to your family’s comfort. Check out our tips on how to keep them out of your home!

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1. Air Out Scorpions’ Favorite Hiding Places

Scorpions, like many pests, enjoy hiding in dark and damp areas. They invade homes with a steady supply of water and food and find that humans rarely disturb their buffet if they stick to the shadows. To avoid them getting too comfortable, air out dark areas regularly. Places such as under the sink, firewood stacks outdoors, and old cardboard boxes are scorpions’ favorite hiding places. Make sure they aren’t encouraged to stay by removing clutter and airing out humid areas regularly.

2. Sticky Traps Work Wonders

Sticky traps aren’t just for rodents! Glue traps are an affordable way to control a scorpion problem, especially for those homeowners who don’t yet have a full-blown infestation. A carefully placed sticky trap can help keep them from entering the occupied parts of the home.

3. Take Out the Food Supply

You wouldn’t hang around a restaurant which was constantly out of food, would you? Neither would a scorpion! One of the best methods for scorpion control is to eradicate the food supply they depend on. Scorpions nosh on other, smaller bugs. Cockroaches, crickets, and other common household critters are some of their favorite prey. A little boric acid or diatomaceous earth spread around the edge where the wall meets the floor will help drive out the creepy-crawlies. Both are affordable, readily available at any grocery store, and natural. Don’t let pets or kids get into them, though! Being natural doesn’t mean they’re not harmful if misused.

4. Use a Blacklight

Scorpions are looking for sources of water, food, and shelter. If you suspect you have some, take a blacklight out at night and see if anything glows. Scorpions contain a compound which makes them luminescent under blacklight, which is a cool way to tell if you have any.

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5. Have A Professional Pest Control Spray

Not every pest control substance is available for purchase to the public. Many substances are reserved for professional pest control agencies, who are licensed and insured to handle all matter of pest issues. Controlling scorpion infestations is sometimes best left to the professionals. A monthly or bimonthly spray around the perimeter of your home can be an affordable way to scare off potential 8-legged home invaders.

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If you see any scorpions, get the situation under control ASAP. Don’t be afraid to contact a pest control expert for their opinion! Dr. Death is always available to help in any pest control situation.

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