The Most Harmful Pests to Your Pets

You don’t want to live surrounded by pests, and neither do your pets! Feline or canine, no pet likes pests. Some don’t pose a threat to your furry friend, but some can be downright harmful. Knowing the difference between an annoyance and danger is key to keeping your beloved companion safe. Here are the most common pests which can be harmful to your pets!

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps both sting when they feel threatened. Humans can often control their reactions to avoid getting stung, but pets can’t do the same. Curious creatures like to get up close and personal with flying, buzzing pests like bees and wasps. Some dogs are known to bite down on them! Many cats and dogs will survive a bee or wasp attack, but it’s better not to risk it. A handful of animals can be allergic to the sting and suffer grave danger. It’s best to call a trusted pest control service to remove the pest before they hurt your furry friend!

 Rodents and Mice

Rats are very problematic in the desert. They may not be as visible as other pests like ants, but rats have evolved to be very good at hiding from humans. Cats and dogs may see rodents easier than we do, but many breeds are able to hunt them down. This is good if your goal is solely keeping your home’s rodent population to a minimum, but very bad if you care about the welfare of your pet. When threatened, rats and mice bite. If they manage to bite down your pet, this pest quickly goes from annoying to harmful. Bites contain a plethora of bacteria and viruses which could easily hurt your pet.


Annoying ants are just about everywhere! Ants seek out food, water, and shelter. What has all three? That’s right: your pet’s food bowl. It’s inside your house, has a water dish right next to it, and is full of nutrient-dense food. Food bowls are a prime target for ants. If you like to leave your pet a fido bowl of kibble to snack on, you might risk inviting unwelcome ants. Certain ants are innocuous, but hard to get rid of once they settle in. They likely won’t be a harmful pest unless you get fire ants. The bright red variant comes with a painful, venomous bite. Too many nibbles on a curious pet could lead to a vet trip.


America’s least favorite pest is also one of the most dangerous. Instead of coming equipped with a ferocious bite, cockroaches are vicious to your pets in more subtle ways. The skittering dark-colored pest carries bacteria everywhere it goes. Their fecal matter, shells, and eggs are all easily picked up or licked by pets. The best way to avoid cockroaches is by dedicated cleanliness. Don’t leave food out for the pets, clean up immediately after any spills, and remove the trash every day.


We’ve talked quite a bit before on our blog about which spiders are dangerous. Any spider considered a harmful pest to humans is also a threat to animals. Keep your pets away from desert-living spiders like the Brown Recluse or Black Widow. Consider how much spider venom is needed to hurt a human. If one bite puts a human in the hospital, it could quickly kill a 20-pound dog. If you see spiders around your home, contact a pest control expert as soon as possible. They’ll be able to assess the situation and remove any unwanted pests safely.

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