4 Creepy Pests to Watch Out For in Las Vegas

4 creepy pests in the Las Vegas Valley

The harsh climate of Las Vegas Valley used to mean only the toughest animals and pests could make their home here. Now that humans have settled in, this isn’t necessarily true. Cuddly pet dogs and cats, among other animals, can have a comfortable life inside a Las Vegas home due to our air conditioning and pumped-in water. Unfortunately, these same amenities also make life significantly easier for those creepy-crawlies we don’t want to invade our homes. Which ones should you keep your eyes peeled for? Here are the creepiest bugs to watch out for in Las Vegas!

1. People Are Afraid Of Spiders For Good Reason

There are over 45,000 known spider breeds throughout the world. Some of the creepiest species of these bugs can be found right here in Las Vegas! The black widow, well-known for its deadly venom, is a common pest to homeowners throughout the Valley. Similarly dangerous to humans is the brown recluse, another easily spotted critter. These two spiders look nothing alike but are equally important to keep an eye out for. The black widow has a jet-black round body with a red hourglass on its back, while the brown recluse has a very small body supported by long, spindly legs. Both tend to prefer being outside because of the variety of prey available but are happy to come inside your home if the opportunity presents itself. If you spot either of these variations, don’t try to kill it yourself. Instead, back away and contact professional pest control. Not only are these spiders creepy, but they’re also dangerous!

Bark scorpion on a rock in Las Vegas

2. No Scorpion Is Your Friend

Scorpions are desert-dwelling critters with a tail to be feared. Their flat bodies have terrifying pincers upfront by their head and a quick-moving long-tail arching over their back. While most scorpions aren’t deadly, their tail’s sting can still pack a wallop. The scorpion’s tail contains a very painful venom. If stung, the area will experience sharp pain, swelling, and redness. If you happen to be allergic to the venom, even a small sting can be deadly. The most common ones in Las Vegas are the Arizona bark scorpions. Bark scorpions are tan or light beige tone and can be quite small. They can be so small that they can squeeze through an opening that is the size of a credit card. The majority of bark scorpions live in the bark of palm trees and that’s how they got their name. The desert hairy scorpion is very large, and they sting far less than a bark scorpion. If you see one, call a trusted pest control expert to remove the problem, and don’t hesitate to have your home inspected for an infestation.

3. Ants Bring Their Friends Every Time

Who hasn’t had a nightmare about ants crawling all over them? Ants rank as some of the creepiest bugs by adults and children alike. These small pests invade your home through even the tiniest crack in search of food and water. They’re not usually dangerous unless you get fire ants. Fire ants can bite, leaving venom behind. This venom can cause painful irritations or more serious side effects if you’re allergic. What makes ants so creepy are their numbers. A single ant colony can have thousands of ants. If you try to eradicate an ant colony yourself, you may end up worsening it; a frightened ant colony can split into two within just minutes, doubling your problem. The best way to avoid ants is by not giving them a food supply. If there aren’t any food scraps, standing water, or pet food left out, they’ll likely never bother with your home.

4. Rodents Are Very Common In Las Vegas

Not many Las Vegas homeowners are as concerned about rodents as they should be. Rodents, specifically rats and house mice, are very common in Las Vegas. They’re some of the creepiest pests because of their propensity to live side-by-side with humans, often unseen. Rodents seek out food, shelter, and water. They’re more than happy to live off your pantry supplies. Rodents make their homes in relatively undisturbed parts of your home, such as the attic or garage. They sneak out at night to grab food and water, then retreat to their nest to breed. Rats and mice alike both breed quickly, so it’s important to cut them off before they can. As with ants, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep food tightly sealed away in airtight, hard containers, and regularly clean or turn your storage areas. If they don’t feel safe, the rodent won’t settle in.

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