How to Bug Proof a Bedroom

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Bed bugs aren’t the only insects you need to worry about in the bedroom! Although bed bugs are the most well-known, many different bug types can invade your sleeping area. Not every kind of bug found in bedrooms is dangerous, but many are. Read through our guide on how to prevent bugs from entering your bedroom, so you never have to deal with painful bites, dangerous stings, or gross infestations.


What Types of Bugs Settle Into the Bedroom?

You need to understand what bugs are likely to invade your bedroom before you can prevent them from doing so. Most pests are after the same three things: food, water, and shelter. Some bugs, such as fleas or bed bugs, even feed on humans! Laying in bed for six to eight hours a night gives them plenty of time, so they make their home near your sleeping quarters. Others, like ants or cockroaches, are happy to eat your scraps. They find a relatively undisturbed part of the bedroom and form nests. Cockroaches especially aren’t picky about where they settle in and are content with the underside of drawers, inside paintings, and even in your box spring. Spiders feed on other bugs, so they’ll follow any other type of bedroom-dwelling pest into your space.

Tips on How to Prevent Bugs in the Bedroom

Preventing bugs in the bedroom is very similar to preventing them anywhere in the house. They’re mainly after food, with water and shelter being secondary. If you remove their food source, they won’t bother coming in! Cockroaches and ants, in particular, are after your scraps. While roaches are less picky, they’ll eat paint or cardboard, and ants won’t come in unless food crumbs are lying around. Remove any uneaten food from the room within a few hours of consuming it. Try to avoid snacking in bed, which can leave crumbs tangled in the sheets. It would be best if you also rinsed out any soft drinks or juice containers immediately after use. Without other bugs in the room, spiders are less likely to settle in. Try to keep your space relatively tidy. Any corners left unoccupied are great nesting spots for spiders or even scorpions.

Bug-Proofing Your Bedroom

Beyond cleaning and keeping food out of your bedroom, there are some more intensive ways of preventing bugs from entering the bedroom. If you find yourself still struggling with pests, check your windows. Are they sealed tightly around the exterior? If not, seal them up! Never open your window without a fully intact screen behind it. Open windows are like lighthouses to bugs, calling them inside! Consider what lies outside the bedroom. Do your windows open out to landscaping? If so, you may want to cut back those bushes. Bugs can quickly jump from exterior greenery to the interior of a home.

We can help with all your bedroom pest needs. Whether you have an existing infestation that needs taking care of, or you’re just looking to prevent bugs from entering in the first place, Dr. Death Pest Control is here to help.

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